The Original Series Action Figures From Masters Of The Universe

First off – I just want to say with full discretion that He-Man was my favorite show as a child.

heman figuresMasters Of The Universe, more commonly known as “He-Man” or the abbreviation MOTU was based on the toy series designed by Mattel an American manufacturing toy company in 1981. This particular franchise has generated of several products that includes 6 lines associated to action figures, 4 animated TV-series, various comic series and 1 feature live-action movie.

These action figures were typically sold separately packed into individual plastic, transparent clam-shells, positioned onto a cardboard-backer. Each of these figures included a mini-comic and various accessories like shields, staffs and weapons. The majority of these action figures also included plastic armor that could be removed. On the back side of the cardboard were the names and pictures of the MOTU figures that were available in that time. In rare cases, specific figures were combined in one package and sold as a versus set or gift set.

Now with these figures making altered action figures was by far my favorite part of them and it reminds me of what the guys over at are doing with their alters. It does bring back great memories.

Oh yeah – back to the story. Along with the action figures there were accessory packs, play sets and vehicles, some of which worked on batteries. All the play sets, vehicles, beasts and all the action figures were available in the USA, with a couple of exceptions. Specific figures like the 12 inch Tytus and Megator were only produced in Italy and then distributed only in Europe.

The standard type action figures were typically 5 ½ inches in height, with a couple of exceptions. All these figures were created out of plastic and hard rubber. Most of these figures have articulations at the waist, hips, shoulders and neck. Most of which had what was known as a “battle-action waist”, which means that when the figure is twisted at the area of the waist, with the assistance of a spring would let the figure spin back using a “punch.”

As the years past, additional figures were brought about, that included new action figure releases like Kobra Khan’s and his water-spraying feature and Ram Man’s “battering ram” feature.

The earlier action figures in the series were made up of just 2 molded chest types, three-sets of legs and arms and a single pair-of-shorts. The parts for these action figures were mixed-and-matches in various colors for any new figures. As this series of toys progressed, newer molds were designed and then integrated into this toy line. However, accessories and body parts were typically used many times for the different figures.

The biggest and most costly set was known as “Eternia” and today is the most popular play-set for the MOTU toy line.